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TimberKnoll Newfoundlands
was awarded by the Southeastern Newfoundland Club
Breeder of the Year
Top Breeder
Conformation,Working Dogs,Obedience and Rally

A mom and her pups-
      Starts a dream with desire, goals accomplished and friends for a lifetime....

Welcome to the home of TimberKnoll Newfoundlands

Located in North Carolina

AKC Breeder of Merit

 My name is Benita Edds. Little did I know that in the winter of 1991 my life would change forever. That was the year that Ben came into our lives along with his mate and 10 puppies all starving to death because of an irresponsible back yard breeder. From that day on, I knew I would always be devoted to that look in his eyes. I will love you forever, no matter what. Please love me in return. I did not know much about the Newfoundland, did not know about the Newfoundland Club of America or its rescue organization but I needed to learn quick as I had just acquired 12 of them. In the weeks, that followed all were placed in loving homes but Ben remained with us. This family of newfs taught me so much and the rest is history.

We live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville where we do conformation, water rescue, carting, therapy, obedience and breeding.

We at TimberKnoll Newfoundlands are dedicated to breeding Newfoundlands that are of sound structure and temperment.
We are listed on the Newfoundland Club of America Breeders List and a recognized Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club.

In addition to enjoying success in the Conformation Ring, several TimberKnoll Newfoundlands have excelled in the following areas, winning awards in Obedience, Water Rescue, Draft Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Canine Good Citizens.

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In 1991, Ben was 4 years old and he lived everyday loving me and teaching me about unconditional love, devotion and all the attributes of the Newfoundland. Ben went from being tied to a tree by a logging chain and lying in his own waste to being clean, living in the house, riding in the car and seeing people to vacationing in Canada where he loved to sit on the dock and watch the fish swim under it. In 1995, I faced one of the worst days of my life when the vet came to my house where I held Ben in my arms and I had to say good bye as cancer had taken its toll and I could no longer hang on to my gentle giant. I will never forget him as he began the legacy of TimberKnoll Newfoundlands.


Now as I write there are seven beautiful, loving, devoted and talented Newfs laying around me. Everyday, I take the time to hold, talk and be loved by each of them still feeling Ben in my heart.

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