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TimberKnoll Puppies

A Newfoundland is not for everyone. They are wonderful companions, however, they drool and shed and are high maintenance dogs.

TimberKnoll is always willing to help you learn about the breed and the Newfoundland Club of America website will give you more insight on the breed to help you determine if the breed is for you.

We breed in accordance to the Breed Standard (outlined below) and will gladly share all health information on our dogs and any good and reputable breeder will do the same.

There are no pedigrees that are free from genetic diseases. A reputable breeder will strive to better the breed by doing the health testing and be wise as to the pedigree they breed to. However, breeding parents with all health clearances does not guarantee a disease free puppy. Breeding cleared parents decreases the chance of hereditary disease but does not promise that everyone in the litter will be totally free of any genetic defects. You need to educate yourself and be sure that you choose a breeder that you can work with and ask questions of throughout the life of your Newfoundland.

You need to be willing to devote everything you have including but not limited to time, love, money and energy. A Newf is a companion and your family needs to accept them as a member of the family and not the dog tied in the back yard. This is a lifetime commitment.

You see, I am responsible for the lives that I bring into the world. If not for me, the parents of your puppy would have never met and I do not take lightly their future.

So, please be sure you are willing to take the step that will change your life if your purchase is for the right reason. If so, please contact us using the information on the Contact page.

[ Click here to view the Newfoundland Breed Standard. ]

In searching for a reputable breeder, you need to educate yourself for that search. Below are a couple links to the NCA website to help you better understand breeders and health clearances.



We confirm pregnancy by ultrasound. Then, a couple days before the due date, we take an X-ray to see how many pups are expected. This helps us during delivery to be sure all have been born. In this case, there are 10 pups in this X-ray.

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