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Working Together

Below you will find the best puppy buyers that a breeder could dream of for the little lives that come into this world.

For 11 weeks we at TimberKnoll love, teach, keep healthy and work each day to bring out the best in our puppies. Then, we pray and trust that we have made the right  decision for their futures as they go to their new homes.

Doug Mullins and Ch TimberKnolls Sondleys Heart Trob WD WRD DD RN  (Bailey)

Doug and his wife Debbie at first wanted a newf to love and have apart of their lives. Well, it didn't take long and they had Bailey in the show ring. Then on to obedience class and then calling me to set a water training day. That water training day turned into 1-2 days per week. Debbie who really doesn't care to be in the water became our caller in the boat. Now, a VN is very close in Bailey's future.


And-    Above and below is Ch TimberKnolls Gift From The Forest (Forest)
owned by Tom and Margaret Devenish. What an exciting boy with a great future.



Harrison jumps in training for the WRD

Sandy Hall and Libby going for the WD. Now, she has the WRD.

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to Rick and Sandy Hall. For years they have been
dedicated to loving and caring for their ailing newfs. Below is KC that now needs his wheel chair to get around. He is always included and swims with the other dogs, he just rolls to the lake. KC passed away
fall 2011. He left in our minds and heart a desire to live and if he could get around then, shame on us for not trying.  


Rick and Molly training for their WD


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